July 17, 2009

This blog is intended for status updates and news of cl-gtk2 project.

Ramarren in a forum post said:

Anyway, it seems that every GTK binding has its own GObject, or at least its subset, binding. Someone should create a stand alone complete one to be used for binding of systems using it. Someone who is not me, because I don’t really understand that well how it works and I am not sure if I really want to, the entire thing is a poster child for Greenspun’s Tenth Rule. I’m just happy to see rotating triangles which don’t leak memory all over the place. I hope they don’t, anyway.

This message provoked me to devote some more time in my Gtk+ binding (in hope that it will be useful).

Anyhow, I’ve written and uploaded documentation for GObject binding.

While preparing documentation, numerous flaws in GObject binding were fixed (and more were discovered) and refactoring was done. I never learned to write documentation and it definitely needs improvement. But it is a still useful place to start. At least GObject part of cl-gtk2 should be useful.


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