New GBoxed type mapping

August 8, 2009

I’ve finished designing and implementing a new type mapping for GBoxed types. The code is now in git repository.

This type mapping brings features that are essential to cl-gtk2 binding.

  • GObject structures are now type-safe. You basically can not have an invalid pointer inside wrapper class for opaque structures
  • Declarative definition of foreign functions, callbacks and vtables using GBoxed structures
  • GBoxed structures are more easier to user from user code
  • Callbacks and foreign functions can now correctly modify their arguments and have changes in GBoxed instances propagate to caller. This is required e.g., for implementing GtkTreeModelInterface or using GtkTreeModel, GtkTextIter, etc.

Given these changes, binding Gtk+ and libraries it uses (Gdk, Pango, Cairo, GdkPixbuf) will be easier.


One Response to “New GBoxed type mapping”

  1. Brit Butler Says:

    Congratulations, Dimitry! It seems like your bindings are shaping up really nicely. 🙂

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