Version 0.1 release

October 25, 2009

I’ve tagged and released the current state of cl-gtk2 as a version 0.1. The source code is avaiable at with installation instructions located at installation page.

This was done mainly to make installation and packaging easy – having a version and source tarball helps.

Also, for Gentoo Linux I’ve made an overlay with necessary ebuilds that can be installed with layman:

layman -a lisp
layman --overlays= -a cl-gtk2

I made several changes to support CLISP (they fix my incorrect usage of CLOS MOP). cl-gtk2 runs on some versions of clisp and does not run on some others. It seems that clisp in Gentoo (I don’t know yet whether it’s distro-specific or not) is broken on amd64: callbacks do not work at all since clisp-2.47 (or maybe earlier). I’ve tested on unithreaded clisp-2.48 on Windows, and cl-gtk2 ran fine there. However, this requires checking on multi-threaded builds and on other platforms.

I’ve also improved parts of bindings: GtkTextView, GtkTreePath and GtkTreeRowReference, GtkWidget, GtkContainer child properties, GtkFileChooser, GtkHSV, GtkTextBuffer serialization, GtkTreeModelSort, GtkTreeStore, GtkListStore.

New gtk:timer class is available. Instance of this class manages a single `timeout’ – a function that is called by GLib main loop every n milliseconds.

The important addition is integration with cl-cairo2. This allows to draw on widgets with Cairo.


2 Responses to “Version 0.1 release”

  1. Tamas Papp Says:

    Nice work!

    Let me know if you need any updates to cl-cairo2. I follow updates in the Cairo API periodically (when I get around to it), but if something critical is missing, just drop me a line.

  2. Shane Says:

    Great Work! I appreciate the time and effort you put into this library. Now I can get to doing some serious Lisp programming 🙂

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