Version 0.1.1 released

January 3, 2010

I’ve tagged and released the current sources of cl-gtk2 as version 0.1.1.

The primary motivation for this was the recent release of closer-mop library which breaks cl-gtk2-0.1 by causing symbol conflicts.

Other than that, there were several bugfixes and addition of binding to most parts of Gdk, see the full changelog for details.


3 Responses to “Version 0.1.1 released”

  1. Duane Says:

    Dmitry —

    Thank you for your continued work on this project. It is working great for my project thus far.

    — Duane

  2. Frank Says:

    Hi Dimitry,

    got it up and running under WinXP 32bit with Clozure CL. Works fine. Thank you for this great work. I’m thinking about switching back from Clojure/Swing to Common Lisp/cl-gtk2.

    Best regards,

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