Related project: sbcl-win32-threads

September 16, 2010

For some time I wasn’t making much progress with cl-gtk2 (though I have plans to improve it) because I’ve been busy with adding native threads support for SBCL on Windows that are necessary for developing cross-platform GUI applications with SBCL and cl-gtk2. Threads are pretty much working right now and I’m now asking to test and evaluate it. The sources are available at and the binary installer is available at

There are still some I/O issues waiting to be resolved that affect threads (Win32 is quite weird when it comes to I/O). Lucky for me, Anton Kovalenko made improvements in SBCL’s I/O for Win32.

cl-gtk2 seems to work in multithreaded SBCL on Windows (though I didn’t test it a lot). There is an issue that affects cl-gtk2: loading it from the SLIME REPL hangs during initialization of Gtk+ due to some deadlock in windows’ C runtime – you’ll just have to enter anything in SLIME’s *inferior-lisp* buffer to unhang it. Hopefully, this will be resolved with help from Anton Kovalenko.


11 Responses to “Related project: sbcl-win32-threads”

  1. aerique Says:

    Thanks for working on this Dmitry!

  2. Wow, that’s amazing! You are doing great work, Dimitry. Keep it up (-:

  3. Matthew Swank Says:

    I have been following this branch for a while, and for the past month or so, all the contribs fail when I build it under cygwin. What is your build environment like?

    • I’m building under cygwin and I haven’t paid too much attention to contribs failing (they fail on my machine). But the failure seems to be I/O-related, since just running “echo 1 | sh” crashes SBCL.

  4. Neil Says:

    First off, thanks for the work.

    It’s not helping my current problem, though, which involves callbacks made from somewhere other than the primary thread from a DLL loaded through CFFI.

    I haven’t tried to debug through it or anything yet.

  5. mahmud Says:


    Which CL does it work with on Win32? What version?

    I really would kill for some form of GUI toolkit, preferably Gtk.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Gabriel Tudor Says:


    I’m trying to use cl-gtk2-gtk but I have some questions about how to debug gui code and how do you usually work with it. I think there is a good way of using it and a bad way and I’m using it badly.

    Currently my code looks like:

    (defun run ()
    (let ((builder (make-instance ‘builder)))
    (builder-add-from-file builder (namestring (make-pathname :name “furseby”
    :type “glade”
    :directory ‘(:relative “gui”))))
    ; match the controls that matter to vars
    (let ((window (builder-get-object builder “window”))
    (search-field (builder-get-object builder “search-field”))
    ; on window close keep the gtk running. helps with debugging
    (g-signal-connect search-field “key-press-event” (lambda (x y) (format t “~a” (list w y))))
    (g-signal-connect window “destroy” (lambda (w) (declare (ignore w)) (leave-gtk-main)))
    (widget-show window)))))

    and every time I have an error, the gui window (which I get by calling run) hangs and doesn’t respond to futher repl commands like (leave-gtk-main).

    Is there a forum, chat room or any other place where I can ask this questions?

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