cl-gtk2 is a GUI library for Common Lisp based on Gtk+.

This blog is intended for posting information on project status, news and development

I have a blog (in Russian) at


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Приветствую!
    cl-gtk2 – дело хорошее 😉
    Пара вопросов:
    1.Видели ли Вы CLG? Чем от него отличается?
    2.Планируется ли привязка Cairo?


  2. 1. Yes, I’ve seen clg. CLG seems to be abandoned, has no documentation. Otherwise, cl-gtk2 is very like clg. clg might have more coverage of Gtk+ and related libraries at the moment.
    2. Cairo binding is planned, but I haven’t yet decided whether it is better to use existing Cairo binding (cl-cairo, cl-cairo2, cffi-cairo) or implement my own. For GtkGLExt it was straightforward – there is already working cl-opengl.

    • Ok, so it’ll be Saxon tongue 😉
      Yes, clg seems to be abandoned – I wrote to Espen several times and got no answer. Recently I discovered what seemed to be a nasty memory leak in CLG’s Cairo binding (or in it’s GObject binding in general), so I looked at these other bindings closely. I ended up with plain CFFI, but I can say it’s better to implement your own binding in order to have only one macro machinery for GObject introspection, package&function name generation etc.
      GTK binding and Cairo binding touch (only?) at GDK’s cairo context creation for a widget, and two different CLOS (?) wrappers may get awkward…

      • Unfortunately, cairo is not exposed through GObject, so it will be another set of macros, another MOP metaclass.
        Yes, different wrappers may step on each other’s toes. Issues of memory management and objects ownership worry me a lot.

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